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Confocal and STED image of clathrin   Drosophila Ovary   E. Coli Infecting Colon Cells

Drosophila Germarium   Mouse Kidney   Algal Cell

Mouse Brain Section   Firefly Central Nervous System   STED vs Confocal Mito

Drosophila sperm cells   Surface of 3D printed steel   Mouse Hippocampus

Rat Neocortex   Drosophila body wall muscle   Chris PNG

Epithelial cell






Squid Headmass Imaged on Zeiss Lightsheet (propidium iodide label, courtesy of John Briseno and Spencer Nyholm)



T. gondii parasites in HFF cells imaged with confocal and STED (courtesy of Aoife Heaslip and Michael Griffith)