Leica SP8 Spectral Confocal

Overview: This is an inverted confocal microscope with five filter-free spectral and individually regulatable channels including four standard PMT detectors and one high-sensitivity HyD detector with photon counting capacity.  The scanner also includes both standard galvo scan mirrors and an optional 8 KHz resonant scanner for high speed imaging.  Use of an acusto-optical beamsplitter (AOBS) instead of traditional dichroic mirrors makes this microscope also suitable for reflected light microscopy applications.   The instrument is housed in the Bioscience Electron Microscopy Laboratory located in the Biology and Physics Building (BPB), room G10.  Click here for rate information.

This microscope was acquired with a NIH shared instrumentation grant.  Manuscripts including data from the Leica SP8 confocal should included an acknowledgement of NIH grant S10OD016435 awarded to Akiko Nishiyama.




  • Inverted Stand DMI 6000
  • Motorized x-y stage
  • Super Z Galvo stage insert


  • 405 nm Diode laser
  • Argon (458, 488, 514 nm)
  • 561 nm DPSS laser
  • 633 nm HeNe laser


  • Continuously adjustable galvo scanner (1-1800 Hz)
  • Resonant scanner (8000 Hz) – 28 fps at 512 x 512

Objective Lenses:

  • 10x/0.30 HC PL FLUOTAR
  • 20x/0.75 HC PL APO IMM CORR CS2
  • 40x/1.30 HC PL APO OIL CS2
  • 63x/1.40 HC PL APO OIL CS2
  • 100x/1.40 HCX PL APO OIL CS


  • Four PMTs
  • One HyD
  • All filter-free spectral and individually regulatable detectors
  • Transmitted light brightfield detector


  • LAS X for image acquisition, processing, and quantification

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