• Advanced Light Microscopy Facility
    Advanced Light Microscopy Facility

Announcements & Events

  • COVID-19 Updated 3/26/21: The Facility is open for use following the most recent guidance from the university:
    • Users of the microscopes must follow the Facility specific ALM COVID Procedure Doc.
    • New user trainings are currently available due to the decrease in COVID cases.
    • Assisted sessions are available for those with urgent and substantial need for imaging, following distancing guidelines.
    • The Facility Director is available by appointment and via email or phone for assistance.
    • In some cases, the Director is available to acquire images for untrained users who need data. Contact Chris to discuss if this is feasible.
  • The Facility will be getting a Zeiss Lightsheet 7 system in June. It is designed for rapidly and gently imaging live specimens and cleared tissue.
  • All Microscopes are now using CIDER for reservations and billing. Updated reservation policies are posted.

Microscope Reservation Policies

  • Microscope reservations can be made no more than 14 days in advance.
  • Reservations can be made in 15 min increments starting on the quarter hour.
  • There is no maximum reservation time limit.
  • Changes or cancellations to reservations can be made up to 6 hours in advance. After that, the full cost of the reservation will be charged.
  • The actual reservation time plus any additional time used will be billed automatically.
  • Reservations will be automatically cancelled if not started within 30 min.
  • Once per user, per calendar month, a billing adjustment can be made for a cancelled/changed reservation. Requests must be made to Chris O’Connell by email