Leica Thunder Imager

Overview: The Leica Thunder Imager is an upright microscope for fluorescence, transmitted light, and true color imaging .  With a stage capable of holding up to 8 slides, this instrument is optimized for high throughput imaging of cells and tissue sections.  Fluorescent images can be processed with Leica’s computational clearing and deconvolution to remove out of focus blur, enhance contrast, and sharpen details.  The software Navigator function can be used for rapidly generating sample overviews for subsequent selection of areas of interest.  The instrument is located in the Biology and Physics Building (BPB), room G05D.  Click here for rate information.



  • Upright Stand Leica DM6 B
  • Motorized x-y stage with 8 slide holder

Fluorescent Illuminator: 

  • LED3 solid state white light source

Fluorescent Filter Cubes

  • DAPI: Ex 405/60, Em 470/40
  • GFP: Ex 470/40, Em 525/50
  • Y3: Ex 545/25, Em 605/70
  • Y5: Ex 620/60, Em 700/75


  • Leica K5 sCMOS monochrome camera, 2048 x 2048 pixels (for fluorescence imaging)
  • Leica DMC5400 CMOS color camera (for histology dyes)

Objective Lenses:

  • 2.5x/0.07 Plan
  • 5x/0.15 Plan Fluotar
  • 10x/0.45 Plan Apo
  • 20x/0.80 Plan Apo, DIC
  • 40x/1.30 Plan Fluotar Oil, DIC
  • 63x/1.40 plan Apo Oil, DIC
  • 63x/1.30 Plan Apo Glycerol


  • LAS X for image acquisition, processing, and quantification.  Leica Thunder software module includes Instant Computation Clearing (ICC) Small Volume Computation Clearing (SVCC) and Large Volume Computational Clearing (LVCC)