About Us

The Advanced Microscopy Facility is part of the Center for Open Research Resources and Equipment (COR2E) at the University of Connecticut.  Its mission is to provide access to advanced imaging technology in order to promote innovation and cross-disciplinary interaction. The facility houses a number of laser scanning confocal microscopes, as well as systems for widefield imaging, total internal reflection microscopy (TIRF), super resolution microscopy, and lightsheet imaging. These instruments are available for use on an hourly basis for University of Connecticut researchers and external users.

Who We Are

Director, Advanced Light Microscopy Facility

Facility Faculty Advisors:

What We Do

The following services are offered:

  • Consultation:  We are available to meet with current and potential users to advise on sample preparation and the selection of the instrument that best serves the research requirements.
  • Assisted Imaging Sessions: For researchers with a limited amount of imaging, we will work with you to collect data.
  • Training:  Users who need regular access to an instrument are provided with training that covers facility policies and details of instrument operation.
  • Support: Our expertise is always available to help maximize the impact of the instruments on users’ studies through further consultations or by scheduling assisted sessions with the facility staff on the microscope.
  • Education:  The facility gives workshops and lectures on microscopy applications and image analysis to advance the microscopy knowledge of the research community.
  • Billing: Monthly usage is tabulated and billing is executed by the Center for Open Research Resources and Equipment (COR2E).

Here is a list of some of the things the Facility microscopes can do in addition to imaging of standard probes in fixed cells:

  • Multi-position, multi-plane, multi-channel time-lapse
  • Live cell imaging with CO2, temperature, and humidity control
  • Tiling and stitching of large regions
  • Multi-well plate imaging
  • Color camera imaging
  • FRET
  • Photoactivation and photoconversion
  • TIRF imaging
  • Super resolution STED microscopy
  • Lightsheet volumetric imaging

Where We Are

The Facility is located in the Biology and Physics Building room G05 at the UConn Storrs Campus, 91 North Eagleville Rd., Storrs, CT  06269.

Paid parking for visitors is available in the nearby North Parking Garage.

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