Advanced Light Microscopy Facility Policies

Advanced Light Microscopy Facility

Facility users are typically trained to operate the instruments and collect their own data.  Assisted sessions with both the user and the Facility Scientist are available upon request. See our rate information page for training, assisted, and unassisted use fees. Please note, we are not a drop-off facility.


  • New users must have a training session with the Director to ensure consistent, proper use of the facility and its equipment.  Users may not train other users.
  • Detailed policies and procedures specific to each instrument are supplied before training.  Each document outlines room access, reservations and billing, and data handling.


  • After a user is trained, they are given access to the instrument in CIDER.
  • Microscope reservations can be made no more than 14 days in advance.
  • Reservations can be made in 15 min increments starting on the quarter hour.
  • There is no maximum reservation time limit.
  • Changes or cancellations to reservations can be made up to 6 hours in advance. After that, the full cost of the reservation will be charged.
  • The actual reservation time plus any additional time used will be billed automatically.
  • Reservations will be automatically cancelled if not started within 30 min.
  • Once per user, per calendar month, a billing adjustment can be made for a cancelled/changed reservation. Requests must be made to Chris O’Connell by email


  • Users must have at least one active KFS account assigned to them in CIDER before the initial training.  PIs assign KFS accounts to users in CIDER.  The Facility Director cannot assign or change KFS accounts.  There is a video that shows how PIs can assign their lab members to KFS accounts.  Multiple accounts can be assigned to users so that sessions can be billed to the appropriate project.
  • External users are sent an invoice for monthly usage.  An address for invoicing must be provided at the time of service or training.

    Data Handling

    • Data on facility computers will be deleted as drives become full.  We do not archive data for long term storage.  It is each user’s responsibility to copy and archive their files.   Bring a USB drive and take your data with you after every session.