Nikon A1R Confocal

Overview: The Nikon A1R is an inverted confocal microscope with four standard PMT detectors as well as a separate, 32 channel detector for spectral imaging.  The scanhead has the ability to operate using either galvano scanning and/or fast resonant scanning for high speed imaging and photostimulation.  Incubation with temperature, CO2, and humidity control accommodate live cell imaging applications.  The system is located in the Biology and Physics Building (BPB), room G05D.  Click here for rate information.




  • Inverted Stand Eclipse TiE
  • Motorized x-y stage
  • Mad City Labs piezo z stage insert


  • 405 nm diode laser
  • Argon (457, 476, 488, 514 nm)
  • 561 nm diode laser
  • 640 nm diode laser


  • Continuously adjustable galvano scanner (up to 24 Hz)
  • Resonant scanner (up to 420 Hz)

Objective Lenses:

  • 10x/0.30 Plan Fluor
  • 20x/0.75 Plan Apo Lambda, DIC
  • 40x/0.95 Plan Apo Lambda, DIC
  • 40x/1.30 Plan Fluor oil, DIC
  • 60X/1.40 Plan Apo oil, DIC
  • Other lenses are available.  Contact us for further information.


  • Four PMTs
  • 32 channel filter-free spectral detector
  • Transmitted light brightfield detector


  • NIS-Elements for image acquisition, processing, and quantification.  FRET module included.


  • Okolab cage incubator
  • Pathology Devices LiveCell stage top incubator