Zeiss LSM 510 Multiphoton

Overview: This is an upright multiphoton microscope with a tunable Coherent Chameleon IR laser and 2 non-descanned detectors (NDD’s).  It can also be operated as a standard confocal using the visible laser lines and LSM 510 scanhead. The microscope is housed within Suite 2 of Animal Care Services in the Pharmacy and Biology Building (PBB).  Click here for rate information.


Zeiss MP



  • Upright stand Axioskop 2 FS MOT
  • Sutter Instrument x-y motorized platform stage


  • Coherent Chameleon pulsed IR laser, tunable from 680-1080 nm, with Chameleon PreComp
  • Argon lines at 457, 488, and 514 nm
  • HeNe 561 nm
  • HeNe 633 nm


  • Continuously adjustable LSM 510 galvano scanner

Objective Lenses:

  • 20x/1.00 W Plan-Apochromat


  • 3 PMTs (descanned)
  • 2 NDD’s (non-descanned) with filters for GFP and RFP


  • Zen for acquisition and analysis


  • Perfusion pump and heater

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